Differentiated Spelling Patterns 5th Grade (Level B)



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Differentiated Spelling Instruction is a fourth through eighth grade (Levels A-E) standards-based spelling series, designed to integrate instruction in spelling, structural analysis, and vocabulary. The fifth grade Level B program has 32 weekly spelling pattern lessons and all the resources needed to differentiate spelling instruction: spelling pattern word lists with spelling sort worksheets, formative and summative assessments with recording matrices, review games, memory songs with MP3 links, supplementary word lists, and more. Each of the five levels in the Differentiated Spelling Instruction series has a well-defined instructional scope and sequence that includes spelling pattern review lessons. The program requires only 45 minutes of class time and 45 minutes of homework per week with minimal teacher prep and correcting.Everything a teacher needs to know about the program components and how to differentiate spelling instruction is found in the Learn How to Teach This Program in 10 Minutes section. In brief, students take a spelling pattern pretest, then self-correct, and personalize their weekly spelling list. Teachers explain the spelling pattern. Students complete the spelling pattern word sort for homework and self-correct in class. Students study their spelling lists and take the posttest. After seven weeks of instruction, students take a formative assessment. The teacher records the student data and assigns remediation as needed. Simple and effective. At last, a word study spelling program that truly differentiates instruction without taking too much prep or class time.

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