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Grades: 9, 10, 11, 12
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Save yourself time and effort with 112 questions stems that challenge your 9th and 10th graders' higher order thinking skills in literature.

Who are these questions stems created for?
Any teacher, homeschooler, or tutor who want to assess the higher order thinking skills of their students and align their literature discussions, assignments, and assessments with Common Core Standards. These question stems will save you time and energy while giving you the flexibility to tailor them for any novel, short story, dramatic work, or poem.

What are these questions stems?
These question stems are all-purpose question templates that meet the rigor and content of the Common Core Standards. These templates elevate the rigor of your questions beyond recall and remembering and require your students to analyze, create, and evaluate. They are specific enough to help you craft effective assignments, discussion questions, quizzes, and tests but general enough to be use with any type of literature.

When do I use these questions stems?
Anytime you want to assess your student’s higher order thinking skills. Study guides, literature circles, tests, quizzes, are all great uses for this quick reference templates.

Why do I need these questions stems?
These question stems save you time and effort without compromising the effectiveness of your classroom instruction. They are a quick reference for large group discussions and guidelines for a Common Core aligned assessment no matter what type of literature your class studies.

How do I use these questions stems?
Use the questions stems as templates to frame your own Common Core aligned questions for any type of fictional text. You can use these stems to create open-ended questions that require extended response or create multiple choice questions that give your students a list of options.
I have included notes and examples that will help. The BOLD WORDS are the places you insert your text’s specific information.
Which of the following sentences indicates that CHARACTER is both EMOTION and EMOTION about EVENT?

Which of the following sentences from Romeo and Juliet Act 3, Scene 2, indicates that JULIET both DESPISED and LOVED ROMEO AFTER HE KILLED TYBALT?

You don’t have to copy the stems exactly; they are guides for you to customize in your lesson.

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