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Grade: PK-12
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J.O.I. or "Jar of Inspiration" is a jar of quotes/jokes designed to send a smile to an educator! This is a must have for the teacher workroom or lounge area.

1. Print, cut, and fold multiple copies of the colorful quotes/jokes. (Optional..Attach a small individually wrapped piece of candy to each folded quote/joke.)

2. Purchase a clear jar. ( Square jars work best with labels. )

3. Print the title for the jar on a full label sheet and affix the label to the jar.

4. Place folded quotes/jokes in the jar..

5. Post Display (Instructional) sheet near the jar. (Laminate if you like!)

Surprise your co-workers or faculty by using this unique and cost friendly idea...Teachers will love it!

This packet includes 96 colorful, printable quotes and jokes, 1 display/instructional sheet, and 1 label ready sticker.

Materials needed: 1 clear jar (optional), 2 jumbo packs of individually wrapped candy of your choice (ex. Starbursts) and
1 large full-sheet label.

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