Let's Learn About Living and Non-living Things



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Grades: PK, K, 1
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50% off this week! This unit contains activities for teaching students about living and nonliving things.

The unit is 80 pages long and contains the following:
a living and nonliving things read aloud list
living things schema chart instructions and words
important questions and misconceptions to consider
living and nonliving hunt activity
living and nonliving large group sort (for a pre-assessment activity or group sort)
living things anchor chart words and pictures
living organism day activity and parent note
small group or independent sort (pictures, sorting map, and circle map included, in color and black and white)
venn diagram comparison activity
graphic organizer activities
technology integration
living thing booklet (activity measurements and pages included)
pet literature response activities
pet read-alouds
pet day activities and parent note
human/animal needs vs/ plant needs activity (graphic organizer activity)
pet needs activity
acrostic poem activities
living and nonliving science experiment
mural activity
expository writing activity
black line master for an emergent reader that students fill in and illustrate
black line master for an emergent reader with words and pictures already filled in
living and nonliving abc's activity

blacklines, chart words and pictures, parent notes, clipart pictures, etc. are all included

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Great activities for a tricky topic!



Teaching living/non-living seems straightforward, but my students sometimes really struggle! I love the anchor chart idea...and every other idea as well! Thanks so much for putting this together!

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