My Life as a Third Grade Werewolf



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Grades: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
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My Life As A Third Grade… is a fun series for elementary-age readers. This engaging story is from the perspective of the main character – a very likable, but slightly self-conscious, third grader! This charming, humorous, non-scary story subtly shares important messages on individuality, anti-bullying, and self-acceptance with candor, humor, and sensitivity. Full-cover illustrations have quirky humor and personality that will delight young readers! Fun for any age! Devon is a regular third-grader… well, sort of. Devon seems to have an awful lot of hair and a lot of big teeth. Principal Ernie worries that he has some king of “weirdo kid werewolf” on his hands. Devon’s friends insist that he is not a werewolf. “Then why does he only eat raw meat?” their teacher, Ms. Bogus, asks. “And why does he how at the moon?” Seems like there’s some explaining to do – about how kids don’t all develop in the same way? As for Devon, he just likes to sing and dance! My Life As A Third Grade Werewolf also includes: A discussion of why do we like monsters and what a “Wolf in Sheep’s clothing?” A glossary Activities Questions for discussion and debate With all the bullying that goes on today, it's hard for kids to come to the point of self-acceptance. The purpose of this book is to shed light on individuality and being comfortable in your own skin regardless of how different you might feel. Journey along to discover how the characters learn to embrace their uniqueness and find self-acceptance. The mystery will have an assigned Accelerated Reader reading levels, points and quiz numbers, Lexile Measures, Fountas & Pinnell level and a Developmental Reading Assessment.

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